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Concentrators by Angus MacKirk Gold Mining Equipment

Grande Concentrator

Grande - Concentrating Table 2

Grande - Concentrating Table

Grande - Concentrating Table 4


Grande - Concentrating Table

We now offer TWO sizes in the popular Orofino Concentrating Table.
Orofino “Grande” offers Higher Volume with most of the same features of the Orofino “Lab & Field” model PLUS, it also includes:

  • Twice the Working Deck area.
  • A New - 1 gallon Feed Hopper (which it will process in 7-12 min.) and, a
  • New Adjustable Feed Spout that can be set to just “Skim” the surface of the deck or, raised to feed more bulk.
  • Double Grooved Primary Recovery.
  • Twice as many Leads.
  • 800 gph - 12v Water Pump.
    It too can be operated as a Bench Model or, with the addition of a water Pan Tank as a Recirculating Model.

There are over 120 Orofino Tables in use on 4 continents by Major Universities and Large Mining Companies as well as Individual Independent Miners and Laboratories.
Orofino Tables are an “Asset“ wherever they go!

(The General Footprint is: 44 x 22 x 20 inches.
  Shipping weight is 65 lbs. )

Grande - Concentrating Tables 5-6

Grande - Concentrating Tables 7+8

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Orofino Concentrating Table

Orofino Shaker Table Deck Plate

Orofino Contentrator Table Dischargable Ports

Orofino Concentrator

Orofino Shaker Table

Orofino Concentrating Table

Concentrating Table

Our 12v “Shaker Table” performs just like the big tables but ….. It can be used ANYWHERE.

Because it is a self contained, highly portable recirculating system, it works in the Shop, at Home, or in the Field!

The Deck Plate is made of a special Aluminum Alloy that has been produced by State of the Art Technology that machines V-Groves into its surface by a Computer Controlled Lathe to produce a consistent depth assuring proper material flow.

This new deck will not warp and will wear hard for many years.

The table has multiple adjustment points that enables the operator to set the material flow for any type of material cut they wish. It is “User Friendly” and, after a relatively short learning period, He or She will become proficient at separation and classification control. (Using a shaker table is as much of an Art as it is a Science). Material should be screened to 16 mesh for best results.

There are 4 discharge ports. The first collection trap will be mostly Gold with some black sand, the second will be black sand with some Gold, the third will be almost all black sand and the fourth will be all Gangue.

See It In Action!


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Note: This product requires (a minimum) 2  weeks lead time and, because of its popularity, could be longer as orders are increasing and production is limited.


Call or E-mail for current lead times. Orders are scheduled on a “FIRST IN” basis!